Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i pod


IPOD is the combination of digital media player and the hard drive for storing and playing  the media files.

 IPOD is the portable media player which was designed by apple in October 23, 2001. It mainly consists of hard drive & the touch screen.

IPOD stores the media files in the flash memory. The storage capacity varies from 2 gb to 160 gb.

Apple’s I tune software can be used to transfer the media file from computer to the IPOD.


IPOD was created as one of the digital hub category device by apple. This was one of the personal digital devices in competition with the existing music playing devices which were big and with very complicated interfaces.
The first IPOD was unveiled on October 23, 2001 with 5 gb hard drive which had capacity of storing 1000 songs.
IPOD software was not made by apple entirely. Apple contracted another companies for the development of the software.

Device Information

IPOD device line consist of many players 

  •          IPOD Classic
  •          IPOD Touch
  •         IPOD Nano
  •         IPOD shuffle
The discounted models of line include
  •          IPOD Mini
  •         IPOD photo
These two have functionality to display images in formats like jpeg, bmp, gif, etc. This feature was later integrated with all the other models of the IPOD.
IPOD software is made compatible with many operating systems like Mac, Windows.

IPOD uses Samsung ARM as its processor.

IPOD can play various audio formats like MP3, AAC/MP4, WAV etc. Latest versions of IPOD can also play the formats like MPEG4, Quick time video formats with restriction on video dimensions. 

Games can also be played on the various versions of IPOD. Initially only two games were playable on the device but in the current generations of IPOD various games are included which are developed by big game manufacturers like sega, electronic arts, etc. 

IPOD software Itunes help to manage the disk storage of the device. The device when connected to computer can function in disk storage mode which helps the user to transfer the files on the device. The file system when connected to Mac OS is HFS+, and when connected to windows is FAT32. 

The media files have to be copied with the help of Itune software else the files will not be viewable.

Initially firewire connection was given for the connectivity of IPOD with computer but later apple started shipping the device with USB connection.

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